ebp is an australian company working in renewable energy products such as marinegel batteries and portable power packs
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Standard Accessories

  • Sealed, maintenance free, rechargeable, 5 ys expected lifetime battery: 12V 36AH
  • Mains charger 230V, 2Amp: 2-Stage, Constant Current to 14.7 V, (then) Constant Voltage at 13.6 V
  • Emergency lamp, 12V 6W (PPS250/350 only)
  • Power Point cable for fast in-car recharge
  • Integrated crocodile clips



Examples of loads watts hours
Portable Phone, Home Security Alarm 5 54
Portable Stereo, Camcorder 10 27
Fluorescent Lamp, Fax machine 15 18
Colour TV (5"), Fan 20 13
Laptop Computer 25 10
Portable Cooler 30 8
Colour TV (14"), Table Lamp 50 5.4
Personal Computer 80 3.3
Colour TV (29"), Portable Air Compressor 100 2.7


Portable Power Station:   Multi-functional Power Source for car jump start, AC & DC power supply and UPS function.
Battery chargers:            5 stages 0,5A-10A, 12-24V switch mode and
linear for cyclic battery.
Intelligent Battery Chip:   Integrated in-built battery chip (Data logger of battery use)
Inverter:   180 to 3000W 12V to 220V for automotive and marine applications
Intelligent Battery Pack:   24-48V rack mount with in-built battery monitoring
General:   Material: ABS,
Dimensions: HWD35.5 x 31 x 20
Weight: from 16.5kg

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