ebp is an australian company working in renewable energy products such as marinegel batteries and portable power packs
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Kyocera has worldwide experience in providing reliable and economical solar electric systems for remote power solutions.

Typical applications powered by solar electricity include microwave repeaters, base stations, VSATs, and WLL telecommunication systems.


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Oil & Gas


Wireless solar electric power is a logical solution for the remote energy needs of the oil and gas industry.

Thousands of integrated systems now operate worldwide, delivering reliable, cost-effective electricity for pipeline monitoring telemetry, offshore drilling rigs, and cathodic protection.

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Traffic Safety


Solar powered traffic systems are located primarily in urban settings. Because the cost associated with installing a transformer and underground cable is substantial, solar electric power offers a reliable, cost-effective solution.

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Railroad Systems


Remote signaling for railroad applications is a Kyocera specialty. Systems ranging from small two-volt track circuits to larger intermediate signaling systems are custom-engineered to meet the demanding requirements of the railroad industry.

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Lighting System


Kyocera's solar lighting systems are used in a variety of applications, including street/parking lots, billboard/highway signage, and bus/transit shelters.

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Grid-Tie Systems


Solar "grid-tie" systems on commercial buildings can be a cost-effective alternative to the replacement of old, underground electricity distribution feeder systems.

PV systems can be incorporated into rural or urban settings with equal ease.

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